Get To Know Why We Take The Lead In Our Industry

  • We are effective: We have eliminated redundancies to make our on boarding process fast, simple and easy. Your content will be live in a matter of hours.
  • Scope: Our depth of experience spanning years across ICT, Satellite engineering, Terrestrial TV , Direct to Home (Pay-TV),give us the leverage to provide complimentary services to satellite broadcast – turnkey solutions that our clients have come to value.
  • Scale: Our Satellite fleet has capacity to deliver high-fidelity content across Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and Europe.
  • We are cost effective: You are guaranteed broadcast solutions at an optimize cost. If you get a better price elsewhere, we will match it.
  • Responsive system: 24/7 customer service. All queries are attended to by tech professionals in less than 60 seconds and followed through until resolved.
  • Service: Our work speaks for us. We are the preferred broadcast partner to the biggest players in the industry.


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